About Us

Shaping the Future

We are the best Furnishing company in Kolkata offers more than 10,000 shades and textures; is it good enough to build the future.

As impressive as those numbers may seem; we go much beyond.

You can get warranty up to 25 years and free servicing up to 10 years from us.

In short, we as a unique Furnishing company in Kolkata build a deep and lasting relationship with all our clients with a motto of customer’s satisfaction.

That’s how we shape the future.

Who We Are

We’re the guys who turn your interior designs desires into reality.

RHETORIC has been around the interior design and home/office décor scene since 1980.

Not believing in outsourcing anything whatsoever, our team has been in the trenches since the beginning, gaining experience and insight, drawing on consumer trends.

Our portfolio is as numerically strong as it is diverse (ranging from retail to corporate, both interior and exterior) and spread all over India.

Heck, we’ve even gone into industrial design for some of our corporate clients.

We provide complete design solutions. In plain English, we provide consultancy services, we can supply you with the materials and we can execute projects.

All you need to do is dream. Leave the rest to us.

What sets us apart from other firms is our

  • sharp attention to cost
  • maximizing utilization of available space
  • high productivity
  • and commitment to customer satisfaction.

At this stage, we feel confident about going onto the next stage of growth of our portfolio; which is why we’re launching our website to reach more and more of you.